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Djävulklippans loop Bergs gård MTB-arena

Rent a bike & buy a bikepass

Book your bike, equipment and bike pass here for your visit to Sörmland’s largest MTB arena. We recommend everyone to pre-book MTB equipment at least a couple of days before the visit so that you get the bike and size that you would like. If you bring with your own bike, you can buy a bike pass prior to arriving in the online booking.

The MTB arena is open around the clock, all year round. Below you can see opening hours for rentals, café and the farm shop.

Prices Bikepass & Annual Pass

Bikepass Day Pass

  • Adult (15 years and up) – 90 SEK/Day
  • Children (up to 14 years) – 60 SEK/Day

Annual pass

Bike as much as you want, at any time, until 2024-12-31!
  • Adult (15 years and up) – 950 SEK/Day
  • Children (up to 14 years) – 450 SEK/Day

Why do I need a bikepass?

There is no lift to ride in so it should be free, right?

Our inThe income from bikepass and annual passes as well as grants from the EU’s agricultural fund contribute to the maintenance, repairs and expansion of the MTB arena. We are constantly working on improvements and development of our facility and as a small family business, we need to charge for the rides to be able to continue to grow.

Advice! Use the wellness allowance for Årkort & Bikepass

Things to consider before
you book your MTB

  • If you book for several people, you need the height and weight of all adults, for children length is enough.
  • The booking is not cancellable, for flexibility you can add a rebooking guarantee, then you can rebook up to 7 days before arrival.
  • Don’t forget to add a bikepass for everyone who is going to ride a bike.

Terms & Safety

In order for everyone to have a fun and safe experience with us, there are rules of conduct to follow in the MTB arena.

Here you will also find full terms and conditions for equipment rental

Mountainbikes for rent suitable for adults from SEK 350

Trek fuel Ex5 Bergs gård MTB-arena

Trek Fuel EX5

The Fuel EX 5 is a full-suspension trail bike that's ready for anything and everything. With trail-resistant front and rear suspension, Shimano 1x12 drivetrain, dropper post for downhill descent and hydraulic disc brakes, the Fuel EX 5 is a high-performance mountain bike with remarkable versatility.

Framdämpad Trek Roscoe Bergs gård MTB-arena

Trek Roscoe 6

The Roscoe 6 is a front suspension trail bike for those who want to experience a little adventure on the trails. It features confidence-inspiring and grippy plus tyres, a suspension fork, an easy-to-use 1x drivetrain, and the nimble frame geometry makes the bike easy to steer on technical trails and twisting trails.

E-MTB for rent suitable for adults from SEK 590

Trek Fuel EXe 9.5

Trek fuel 9.5 is an e-mountain bike with a carbon frame and a small motor that makes the bike light, maneuverable and quiet. Take advantage of the pedal assist on long climbs and experience the playfulness of the bike, like a traditional mountain bike, on the descents. It has a 150mm RockShox Gold RL fork that makes short work of rockeries and a soft 140mm RockShox Deluxe Select+ rear shock.

Trek rail 5 Bergs gård MTB-arena

Trek Rail 5 & 9.7

The Trek Rail 5 & 9.7 is a long-stroke e-mountain bike. It has the same capacity as regular long-stroke trail bikes. The only difference is that it ensures that you get back to the top in a snap. Plus, a bigger battery means more time on the trail.

Specialized Levo Comp S4

Specialized Levo Comp S4

The Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor and Turbo Connect Unit, which give Levo a smooth and seamless amplification of your own effort – quadrupling your power gives you the choice to ride where, when and how you want. And the optimized frame features 150 mm of tailored rear suspension and adjustable geometry that delivers a uniquely stable and natural feel.

MTB bikes for rent for children from SEK 90

Balanscykel Bergs gård MTB-arena

Balance Bike

A balance bike with a low step-through and adjustable saddle height for easy use.

Barncykel 14 tum Bergs gård MTB-arena

Children's bike 14"

Barncykel 14 tum Bergs gård MTB-arena

Children's bike 16"

Barncykel 20 tum Bergs gård MTB-arena

Children's bike 20"

With wide 2.6" tires, Scott Roxter provides control and traction

Barncykel 24 tum Bergs gård MTB-arena

Children's bike 24"

Barncykel 26 tum Bergs gård MTB-arena

Children's bike 26"

The Scott Scale is a well-liked front suspension bike

Cykeltvätt Bergs gård MTB-arena

Facilities for cyclists

Available around the clock:

  • Shower (for a fee)
  • Toilet
  • Bike wash (frost-free months)
  • Drinking water station

During opening hours, the following is also available:

  • Cafeteria
  • The Farm shop
  • Mountainbike rental
There is also the possibility of overnight accommodation in our cottages and pitches.