A strong focus on the environment and sustainability

We care about the environment and are constantly working to use sustainable and healthy materials. All to make as little impact on our environment as possible. That is why we work continuously to ensure the quality and sustainability of our operations. It’s not surprising that sustainability is in our blood, as Bergs Gård is a farm that has been in the family for generations.

We love our community and thinking long-term, with environmental aspects at the center, is completely natural to us.

Familjen Jonsson på Bergs gård

Organic farming with sustainability in focus

Bergs Gård is run by Magnus & Frida Jonsson and family, 6th generation farmers here at Bergs. The farm is an EU-certified organic farm and has been a beef producer since 2005, before that this was a dairy farm.

Familjen Jonsson i tidigare generationer

Sustainability across generations historically and beyond

The farm is currently home to three (3) generations of Jonssons. We work for the long-term development of our operations and plan for future generations to be able to live and work here for a long time to come.

A place to thrive as a guest and co-worker

We are an inclusive and welcoming workplace for many young and new Swedes. Here we grow together for a socially strong and warm workplace. Social factors are important to us as employers and fellow human beings.

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Our interior design style

If you visit us, for the day or spend the night in one of our cottages, you will notice that we love older furniture. In the café, everything is served on beautiful old porcelain with a golden edge, the chairs are charmingly mismatched and our beautiful houses have great grandmother’s beautiful furniture. 

We have spent countless hours at flea markets and auctions to find everything for our businesses and the hunt continues. Reuse is simply our interior design style, incredibly beautiful and climate-smart.

A classic fika with organic drinks

We serve good fika with organic coffee and tea as well as a large selection of organic cold drinks.

Gräsbeteskött från Bergs gård i Trosa

Grass-fed beef for biodiversity

Our fantastic meat is not only tasty but also contributes to biodiversity by grazing down vegetation to make room for herbs and fauna.

Gårdsbutiken på Bergs gård

Buy locally produced food for a thriving countryside

We work and shop locally. Do it you too, by supporting local food producers, together we will create a more vibrant countryside.

Hållbarhet på Bergs gård

Solar panels on the roof

We consume large amounts of electricity for all our buildings, so we have installed solar panels at all our different facilities.