Hike with us

Hike & Stay in a cabin

Hike and stay at our facilities. All our facilities are located next to Sörmlandsleden, Bergsrundan or our MTB trails. All of these provide fantastic hiking opportunities for wonderful nature experiences.

We offer hiking packages with a sparkling drink & snacks, dinner kits for the cottage and a delicious breakfast basket, all prepared by our chef with clear instructions for cooking.

Price from: 960 SEK/person including accommodation in a 2-bed cottage. (Calculated on 2 persons).

Bergsrundan 7 km

Bergsrundan is a nice circular loop of about 7 km that contains a lot of Sörmland but in a small format. The circular trail offers typical Sörmland nature. There are arable islets, rocky outcrops, gravel roads and hiking along watercourses and with the possibility of detours to reach forest lakes or the sea. Start with us, with good parking facilities and electric car chargers, or connect to the route from Sörmlandsleden.

Feel free to use The nature map when you are going on a hike and please read up on the Right of Public Access before you head out.

Who is Bergsrundan suitable for?

It is suitable for those who want to hike for a couple of hours during the weekend or for the family with slightly younger participants with the possibility of an overnight stay in a wind shelter (built in the winter of 23/24) becomes a whole adventure.

It is also suitable for those who hike along the Sörmland Trail and want to take a detour to Bergs Gård to enjoy an overnight stay in our charming cottages with access to a sea sauna and relaxation area.

Families and groups who visit Bergs Gård for the MTB arena can participate in the hike if the cycling does not suit the whole party.

The mountain trail is not accessible and some parts are steep and hilly, there are gravel roads and tractor roads in parallel for an easier tour.

Ekhagen Nature Trail 1.1 km

Ekhagen’s Nature Trail is Bergs Gård’s accessible walking path!

We have built this trail with the support of Leader Sörmlandskusten and adapted the surface so that people who otherwise have difficulty staying in the forest and land will have an opportunity to do so. The surface is made for wheelchairs, walkers and strollers to be able to get around. Approx. 1 km on safe ground in partly hilly terrain (the farm’s pasture).

The Sörmland Trail

The Sörmland Trail is 1000 winding hiking kilometers in Sörmland’s cultural district, filled with history, deep forests, grumpy rocky outcrops and glittering lakes.

The trail’s stages and circular loops offer different levels of difficulty, ranging from demanding hiking to an easy-going Sunday walk. For the hiker there are shelters to sleep in and landscaped rest areas for food breaks and rest.

From Bergs gård, you can easily connect toSörmlandsleden’s sections 54 and 55 via our own Bergsrunda. 

Hiking tips in our area

In Nynäs nature reserve there are many different hiking trails where you can get circular loops with the help of Sörmlandsleden and some gravel roads.

Berg’s farm MTB-arena has about 35 km of bike trails through forest and land, these are also excellent hiking trails. During the winter of 2023/24, a wind shelter will be built in the northern part and another out by the sea along the MTB trail called Havsleden.