Relax – Jacuzzi & Sauna

Relax at Bergs Gård

We have two relaxation areas on the farm, one indoor and one outdoor. Both have a jacuzzi, sauna and shower. You can book the outdoor relaxation even if you are not staying the night of the farm. The indoor relaxation area is available in the accommodation Magsinet, and is included when booking the accommodation Magasinet.

You are welcome to bring food and drink if you wish and you are alone during your booking, the relaxation is not shared with any other party.

Bath towels and swimwear are brought by you. Feel free to bring a bathrobe and slippers. There are beach towels and a spa robe for rent for SEK 75 per person to book as an option.

Uterelax Bergs gård
Uterelax Bergs gård

Private access to the outdoor relaxation area for 2 hours

The outdoor jacuzzi can accommodate 5-6 adults.

The sauna at the outside relax can accommodate 8-10 adults.

There is a lovely terrace with lounge furniture and miles of views of the fields. There is a shower, a small fridge and jacuzzi-friendly glasses for drinks.

  • 1-3 persons, 800 SEK
  • 4-6 persons, SEK 1,400
  • 7-9 persons, SEK 1,900
  • 10-15 persons, SEK 2,500

Book accommodation with relaxation

In Magasinet, which is one of our accommodations at Bergs Gård, there is a private relaxation area with an indoor jacuzzi, sauna and double showers.

The jacuzzi can accommodate 5 – 6 adults. The sauna accommodates about 6 adults.

Magasinet can be booked individually (3 beds and kitchenette) or in connection with booking the accommodation Hönshuset with fully equipped kitchen and 10 beds (of which 4 beds are in a sofa bed).

Vårt boende Magasinet med bastu och jacuzzi
Hållsvikens Gård

Wood-fired sauna and a di in the ocean - for those who rent accommodation with us

At Hållsvikens Gård & Bröllopsviken, where we offer rural accommodation by the sea, you will find our wood-fired sauna with a view of the sea. You only have the opportunity to book it when you rent a cottage from us in connection with each farm.

You have your own access to the sauna during your booked time, so you do not share it with any other parties.

The sauna is wood-fired and you take care of the heating yourself and are responsible for safety and preparation of the sauna after use. The sauna is not hot when you arrive, it is you who start the fire in the woodburn sauna.

There are currently no showers and toilets at the sauna. Leave the sauna in pleasant condition for the guests who come after you.

Book the Sea Sauna at Hållsviken Gård

Our sea sauna at Hållsvikens Gård & Bröllopsviken is only bookable for guests staying in one of our adjacent cottages . To be able to book, you need to have a booking number that you receive in connection with cabin booking. If you haven’t booked a cabin yet, do that first.

Private Access Sea Sauna
3 hours

1-3 persons, 800 SEK

4-6 persons, SEK 1,400

7-9 persons, SEK 1,900

10-15 persons, SEK 2,500

Sauna and sea bathing at Tyvudden in

At Bröllopsviken, 17 km from Bergs Gård you will find our accommodation Tyvudden Gård.

There is a cozy wood-fired sauna in the basement with striking views of the Baltic Sea and the island of Hjälmgarnsö. The sauna is yours for the duration of your stay. Don’t forget the firewood!