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Bergs Gård - a family business with a long history

We who run Bergs Gård are Frida and Magnus Jonsson. We both grew up on farms, Magnus at Bergs Gård and Frida from Sörby Oppgård in Årdala. Magnus is the sixth generation here on the farm. Here you can read more about the history of the farm and the Jonsson family.

Previously, there were dairy cows on the farm and about 20 years ago we switched to beef cattle production. Bergs Gård is an EU-certified farm by SMAK. Our animals are only fed grass all year round and graze on grass and herbs in our pastures. During the winter season, we feed with our silage out in the pasture. Our animals are so-called outdoor animals and we are part of a program together with the County Administrative Board and Farm & Animal Health.

In the autumn of 2012, we started selling meat boxes directly to consumers. We enjoy being able to follow the entire food chain and also that our customers can do so. Now we sell all our meat in our Farm Shop as details, mince and sausages.

In recent years, we have developed the farm with several businesses and now also offer cottage rentals, a farm shop with a café and Bergs Gård MTB Arena.

In addition to agriculture and the above activities, we also run Bergs Gård Mark & Bygg, your local and personal construction company.

Welcome to us!

Familjen JOnsson

Company story

In 2017, Berg’s farm was named New Entrepreneur of the Year in Trosa municipality and in 2023, a follow-up was made by Trosa municipality to see how we as a company are doing today.

In the film, Frida Jonsson, who owns and runs the farm together with her husband Magnus, talks about what it was like to receive the award and what has happened since then.

A thriving countryside

During the development of the farm, we have received support from the European Agricultural Fund.
By developing rural areas, we create new jobs and better health for our animals.
We have completed the construction of a new animal stable.
We have converted the barn into a kitchen, café and farm shop.

Prizes & Awards

Trosa Municipality's Environmental Award 2022

The motivation from the Eco Committee in Trosa municipality reads:

Berg’s farm has been named the winner of Trosa Municipality’s Environmental Prize 2022 for its ecological profile where they take a holistic approach from field to fork and at the same time create conditions and interest for increased outdoor time in nature for all ages.

Through their activities, they contribute to a more robust and sustainable society both from an ecological and social perspective with open landscapes, increased biodiversity, locally produced food and access to varied and accessible nature experiences.”

Photo by Bengt Håkanson

Trosa municipality’s press release

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The Silver Cauldron 2021

In March 2021, Bergs Gård was awarded the Silver Pot by the Federation of Swedish Farmers.

“The Silver Pot is awarded to a person or company that in an excellent way highlights Sörmland’s food and food culture. The 2021 award winners are Magnus and Frida Jonsson”.

The motivation reads:

“On a farm, which has been run and developed by generations according to the conditions of the times, Magnus and Frida Jonsson realize their visions and think in new ways all the time. The natural grazing meat from the farm’s animals creates diversity in its own restaurant, shop and in Västerljung’s beautiful nature. Activities for family, colleagues or friends are no obstacle at Bergs Gård, there is something for everyone to do. MTB cycling, clay pigeon shooting or a place for parties and conferences. At Bergs Gård you don’t cancel, you change.”

Nomination Stora Turismpriset 2021

The prize was awarded to a company or other organization that has contributed to the development of the hospitality industry in an innovative way. A warm thank you to STUA for choosing us to represent Södermanland This year, Vasaloppet took home the fantastic prize – congratulations!

This is what the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth writes: “Despite pandemic times with major challenges, Bergs Gård has seen new creative ways to develop and continue to grow. Being quick-footed and not being afraid to try new things is their strength.”

Press release from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

STUA’s press release