The Farm shop

Welcome to the Farm Shop

Here we sell the farm’s beef from our organic farm. The animals that we raise on the farm only eat grass and in the summer they graze our beautiful pastures. Here you can read more about our agriculture work.

In the farm shop there are cuts, minced meat, sausages and smoked meat. You will also find the farm’s handicrafts and products from local producers such as honey, apple juice, cheeses and juices.

Gårdsbutiken på Bergs gård

Buy a beef box

With us you can buy grass pasture meat at a package price, we have boxes in different sizes and these need to be pre-ordered.

Read more and book your meat box on the link below. You pick up your pre-ordered meat box at the farm, we do not ship our meat. We currently slaughter 1 time per month. Every now and then we have a surplus of boxes and then you can buy these on site, unbooked.

We sell many interesting cuts of meat that you normally won’t find in the meat counter at your local grocery store. How about Picanha, Kållap or Flat iron steak. Learn more and test a new piece of work.

Gräsbeteskött från Bergs gård i Trosa

Lovely sausages on grass-fed meat

Our amazing beef is also used to make really tasty and flavorful sausages, perfect for the grill. The sausage is made by Mälarchark in Eskilstuna and Robertssons Chark in Örebro.

The sausages are served in all our cafés and are also sold in our farm shop. The range varies, but a selection that does occur is Viennese sausages, falukorv and good flavored spiced sausages. There are both frozen and chilled sausages.

Grillad gräsbeteskorv av nötkött

Sörmland food crafts

In addition to our own fantastic grass-fed meat, we sell products from other Sörmland food producers.

In Sörmland, we are lucky. Here you will find the rich diversity needed for an exciting development of the food we produce and eat. In Sörmland’s Food Cluster, we all carry a commitment to food. For the food of the seasons. Every day we work to make it better and tastier and that it will be more fun to eat.
Within the food cluster, the actors who are involved and who thus contribute to the development of our collaboration are made visible. Our common ambition is to make Sörmland a more exciting food region.

A perfect gift

With us, it is possible to buy a perfect gift for the dinner host, birthday child or colleague.

We can put together nice gift baskets according to your specific wishes and values. If you are unsure of what suits your friend, a gift card may be more suitable.

Our gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and can be used in all our activities such as accommodation, relaxation and mountain biking. The gift cards can be purchased in our farm shop and remotely with delivery via email.